Crush, Crush

8 years ago

I have a crush and he and I aren't quite together. Yeah, we have fights but we make up for them... a lot. What should I do? He and I are both Virgos and he's born 6 days before me. We have been in the same class together for 4 years and I still haven't made a move. When he's around his friends, they insult me and he laughs. I only told my piano teacher and my 3rd grade teacher this. They never give me an answer. What do I do? Who should make the first move?

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" Love is only a chapter in a guy's live, but to a girl, its the whole book. "

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Love Poem - The Unreply Letter

Author: Ashley Ng★★★
The unreply letter,
That I have received from you,
I am sorry that I did not reply you,
It was a wonderful letter,
The words in the letter were lovely, ...(Cont.)