12 years ago

i love him alot but i dont know wheather he loves me ... and i want to know how can i make him mine. i also want to know how show him that i love him alot so that he will love me to.i want him to be mines forever in my life because i love him alot.

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  • 12 years ago

    Well first u should not tell him that u like him cuz thingz may not go well so wat u should do is that be the best friend he ever had. Then u shud hang with him very often then he will see how great u r. Finally u should let him make the move if he doesnt well u tell him wat u feel .

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Love Poem - I Almost Let You Go

Author: Madcock★★★
I Almost Let You Go
Everything you say is making it hard for me
to walk away,
i do love u in every way,
but when you're depressed idk what to say. ...(Cont.)