10 years ago

i love niranjan very much.even he parents got to knw about our relation.they r not accepting him.i cant go aganist my parents and even i cant stay without him.plz suggest me what to do?

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  • Pav
    10 years ago

    Haritha, its hard to choose between parents and love...
    1) If the reason is caste, then u both must meet eachother's parents and give them confidence that you guys are mature enough and can be happy with each other.2) If its a job problem, u can wait until he gets job.

    But if you go against your loving parents, you will not be happy plz dont do that. Even if they agree for an inter-caste marriage, you will encounter lot of problems while marriage because of custom difference, but its ok...u can get past it easily.Try to make ur parents understand. You must be confident on him first.
    If your parents win and you loose then.....I hope you will find answer for your problem in these movies.Did u see the movie "Dhadkan? or Hum dil de chuke sanam" ?
    Hope u guys make it! all the best!

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