9 years ago

I'm in love but sometimes I think were too different. I'm in school and try to gets As. He's in school but settles for Cs. We have arguments almost everyday. The relationship is either really good or really bad. He's always been there for me and spoils me but I feel like he's not responsible like the way I am. We have a strong connection and can talk forever. Whenever one of us is mad the other feels it. We talk about getting married but when we fight we talk about breaking up and its not going to workout. I don't know if he's the one. I'm more successful.

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" love is what i've been searching for, love is rite through that door, but should i choose to go through it, is only up to ... " » Full Quote

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Love Poem - Trying To Get Close To You

Author: Aldersmithy-Boy-Boy★★★
I try and try but you see me no more than a
You don't know i have these feelings for you.
Sometimes i think it's the end.
But i still know that my love is true. ...(Cont.)