11 years ago

I have an amazing boyfriend, he's sweet, smart, funny, cute, pretty much everything I look for in a guy. We've been going out for a while now, and I'm starting to think that maybe he is sick of me a lil bit. I mean I'm pretty sure he still likes me and is still interested, but lately whenever I text him, he either doesn't answer or right as we run out of things to talk about, says he has to go. Do you think I should lay off texting him for a while, I mean I do text him everyday, maybe he's sick of it and needs a break, I'm just kinda confused........

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    11 years ago

    Hey..its kind of problem in his mind...ask him out.
    it will give u an idea about ur act...all d best

  • 11 years ago

    hey it isnt that you need to stop texting him. it may work for somedays but what will you do without texting him whole day .m sure you wil get mad......... u need to love him care him n show diffrent moves need to excite him n suprise him with new love moves........ m sure you got to know what i meant........ revitalise ure love thing if he really loves you he will b the same like before or he really want to move on......... for more problems call me or mail me at [email protected] or call me at 8653828598

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