Boy that's a friend and bestfriend troubles

8 years ago

So I really like this boy that i dated and my friend dated and I want to go out with him but she said that if I did she would be mad at me so idk what to do The my friend told me something that pissed me off and I don't know if I should say sorry because I made her cry but then again she's the one who said is Should I wait for her to say sorry or should I say sorry

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  • Amy
    8 years ago

    well first things first ur friends shouldnt tell u who to date unless the guys a total jerk, and the whole school knows it, and secondly if u really do care about that friend still, and u made her cry, u should say sorry first i would do that.... Hope this helps:)

  • Jaz
    8 years ago

    Thank you that really did help and with that boy I'm done with him he's a jerk and called me a fat bitch thank you so much Amy

  • 8 years ago

    We all have the ability to hurt other people with our words or with what we do or don't do, But if you said or did something to hurt someone just apologize and move on if they accept it cool, if not still cool at least you did your part even if they say yes and still never forgive you. Or just keep reminding you every chance they get. as for your friends ex-boyfriend she really needs to learn how to let him go and excepts who ever he decides to move on with friend or not, But that's only drama the other side of that is just lack self confidence in who she is and your friendship.

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