best friends...

11 years ago

I have a friend named angel who i am really close to, i asked him out several times, but he said, no. but today we were talking and i said something along the lines of, "well you have plenty of friends dont worry about me' than he replied, "well thats difffernt, i dont care about them, but i do care about you," i am so confused by him, i dont know what to think...

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" I Was An Idiot For Thinking The Guy That Didn't Care About Anything Would Care About Me. "

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Love Poem - I Wanna,, Iloveyou,,

Author: Chelsea★★★
I wanna hold you in my arms and say,,
I wanna look into your eyes and say,,
iloveyou <3
iloveyou <3
I wanna look into your eyes and say,, ...(Cont.)