a mystery man in text

9 years ago

he texted me first, he wants to be friends. and i entertain him by replying to him. he said he just saw me at my working place and ask my number to a mutual friend whom he never mentioned who he was. i told him for so many people i talked to ofcourse i didn't remember meeting him or his friend, he replied: you didn't notice a handsome like me? then i respond: sorry if i had then i remember you. then he told me, maybe i was that busy and he just come by with his friend and he was shy thats why. and said his goodbye to me and someday if he was'nt busy he will introduce himself to me "NEXT TIME". i was curious about him, he gave his name to me and he never mentioned anything to me about him. he texted me twice. the second time he texted me, i ask him what was his work and he replied i will answer that later since they had emergency red alert and said sorry to me. and its 2 days ago. he never texted. i was so curious about him. and im disturbed about him.

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