A little problem

7 years ago

A girl i have a crush on likes spmeone else but got rejected cold and i don't know what to do since she's taking it hard.i want her to be happy. Im a guy. Also i think this guy who often is around me is gay and i am not interested.i don't want to assume and don't want to hurt anyone. Help me please. I am 16

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  • 7 years ago

    If she rejected you once chance is that she might reject you again. But don't give up just yet! Are you two friends? If not then be her good friend first. Be there for her and show you care. Get close to her and know her ( a girl really appreciates that). Then see how she feels for you and reacts. If she doesn't feel anything then either you be with her without zero expectations or try to find another. I wish you luck in it. Btw, I was rejected by the love of my life at first. We are together now and madly in love hehe. So hope for the positive :D

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