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Submitted on : Dec 16, 2008
How can you ask me to answer questions so oblique
The audacity of your words enables me to speak
I feel a look of repugnance grow upon my face
I know this is a battle I don't wish to embrace
As I try to chose my words- in walks fate
Words spill forth into the air too late to negotiate...
"How dare you try to attack me with your words?
Was it not I there through your twists and turns?
How could I do this to you?
You were the one unable to be true.
You are like a cancer that blackens as it spreads
And I must cut you away from my heart, life and head.
How could YOU not notice your insanity
Has been suffocating all signs of happiness in me?
You don't want to help yourself- that was hard for me to see.
That's why I have to leave you and worry about me.
Want to ask me again how I could do this to YOU?
You can never trust a liar- this I know is true...
To say you love me is beyond and above-
You can't love those to whom you lie or lie to those you love.
I wish you luck in finding what you are looking for...
It's just not gonna be with me- I can't take your drama anymore.
So if you want someone to cuss and curse till you turn blue-
Step in front of the mirror- the one to blame is you."

~elizabeth shaffer

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