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Submitted on : Dec 3, 2013
It’s funny how much you know some
And it’s funny how little you know some
It’s funny how much support
You receive at one’s passing
The turn up at the nine night
And on the burial day
And its funny after all is over
The few that remain in touch
It’s funny how some understands
And some don’t or choose not to
And it’s funny that life must carry on
With or without help
It’s funny how some
manage to put aside their differences
And it’s funny how some
can’t seem to comprehend
It’s funny when it comes to joke
The tears and laughter
And it’s funny how
Love and hate can never be friends
It’s funny how some speak
While others remain silent
And its funny how change
Will continue to pursue
Its funny how the weather
Can make a huge difference
And it’s funny that regardless
One must never stop believing


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