Love Poem by Jerik Middleton

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Never Stand Again

Submitted on : Mar 19, 2008
At first sight I knew,
We would someday be.
I saw beauty and grace,
I wanted you with me.

When we started talking,
My heart was filled with bliss.
I knew from that moment on,
You were the one I'd always miss.

Every kiss we shared,
Took my breath away.
I think about you constantly,
Every minute of every day.

It may bother most,
You have a baby girl.
It doesn't bother me,
She is as precious as a pearl.

I thought love was lost,
But, now it's been found.
I can't wait till the day,
When our hearts are bound.

I am so happy with you,
The happiest I have been.
Now that I've fallen for you,
I hope to never stand again.

~Jerik Middleton

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