Love Poem by Josh Maloon

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My one

Submitted on : Oct 2, 2009
The first time I saw your face,
I lost all track of time and space,
I wished for that fateful day,
When you blow my mind away you will see,
You and I were meant to be,
Your eyes, your lips, and your hair,
Seeing you, I can't help but stare,
No one comes before you,
And no one loves you more,
Every time I see you,
It makes my spirit soar,
What ever happens along the way,
Seeing you just makes me say,
I love you more than anyone ever could,
I might love you more than I ever should,
I care about you so much; I can see you glow,
My heart belongs to you and that's how I know,
You are the one g-d sent me from above,
You are my angel and you have shown me love

~Josh Maloon

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