what if you like a boy that says they dont like you back

8 years ago

what if you like a boy that says they dont like you back? please help i really love him but he calls me really mean names at first he was so nice to me than my ex told him not to like me and now he is a JERK to me? sometimes i even play with my dolls and pretend its him.

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  • 8 years ago

    I have the same problem and I don't think I can really help upon but I can give you advice tell him that what ever he is calling you to stop that's bullying and if he bullying you should like him and u say u love hm but do you reall

  • Amy
    8 years ago

    Im sorry to say but i advice you for your own good to forget him, you can not judge a person, without knowing them properly, he dosent deserve you, he fell for thoes lies your ex said, if you guys were to ever date dont you think he would fall for anything other ppl say bout you. Hope this helps :)

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