Zodiac Compatibility

Nature of Relationship: This star sign combination shares a normal relationship.

The Aquarius female and the Pisces male make an unusual combination with some gleaming moments. An Aquarius female has a lot to learn from Pisces male in this alliance and the Pisces male always feel very loving and caring towards his Aquarius lady.

Aquarius (F)----Pisces (M) Characteristic traits

The Pisces male is a calm, compact and thought-provoking person. He is a tolerant person and doesn’t easily get affected by the worst things that life may throw at him. However, if on a rare occasion the Pisces male does get angry, his very stern and cruel side will present itself. The Aquarius female is an admirable person with very interesting shades in his personality that will attract attention from anyone. She isn’t materialistic at all by a long shot. Things like a mere romantic gesture will make her happy every time.

Aquarius (F)----Pisces (M) Sex and Marriage

Sexual unison between the Aquarius woman and the Pisces man is an experiment. With such an emotional bond between the two, they attain a different level of physical pleasure. While their bodies enjoy the process of sex, they won’t feel strongly bonded until their minds completely come together.

Aquarius (F)----Pisces (M) Family & Children

The Pisces father will dote on his children. He is very loving and caring and treats them as friends. He usually never gets angry with his children, but is sometimes prone to his moods. The Aquarius mother encourages her children's freedom and independence. She is like their best pal.

Aquarius (F)----Pisces (M) Friendship

The friendly relationship between the Aquarius and the Pisces represents a combination of innovation and kindness. Both partners like fresh excitements and look for appropriate solutions to problems.

Aquarius (F)----Pisces (M) at Work

The best aspect of a work relationship between the Aquarius and the Pisces is their common interest in obtaining knowledge and discovering new schemes and plans. This leads to a long term profitable association.

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