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How do I tell you I like you
10 months ago
4.5 / 5
Save my Heart
10 months ago
4 / 5
Love hurt's
10 months ago
4.3 / 5
Love hurts after choices
one year ago
3 / 5
loving u so hard
one year ago
4 / 5

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love...but my best friend
7 months ago
2 Responses
Last 10 days ago.
How will I know if he love me too?
5 years ago
32 Responses
Last one month ago.
Love with a Girl
4 years ago
3 Responses
Last one month ago.
I love her truly but religion problem...
10 months ago
2 Responses
Last 2 months ago.
how i tell her i love you
6 years ago
6 Responses
Last 3 months ago.