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I Wish I Was There

User : Jake Rhea
Submitted on : Dec 30, 2008
The emptiness I feel comes from not hearing your voice
The life that swirls around me now is just blank noise
Some people act as if in my leaving I had a choice

I don't always know when I'll be back
Which tears me apart even more
Because I remember every time I see you
The lonely aftertaste that's in store

Things might not ever be quite the same
But it doesn't hurt to try and keep things that way
If I had a chance to relive the time before
There are so many things I would say

Being miles away means nothing to me
I can only hope you're willing to see
That me wishing I was there, is more than just a dream

Your smile is all I need to be happy
And I'd see it almost every day
The peace of mind it brought me
Kept my feelings at bay

I've felt before like letting go of my feelings
Ridding myself of the days I felt alone
But I couldn't keep myself from the thought of you
Of what you'd have said if you had known

You're the sunshine that warms my day
And at night, the star that lights my way
Everytime I see you now, I wish I was there to stay

~Jake Rhea

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