rate my decision.....

8 years ago

she was in love with me...so she said...she came to me and proposed..i said yes and thus it started... but i came to know from a very trustworthy person that she proposed him, who happens to be my best friend...he knew we were in love...but she didnt knew that i have told him about our relation.. i didnt asked her about this, becoz i promised him that i would never ask her about this or let her know hetold me all this..but then i started to grow a distance with her..but still i considered her as a friend...yesterday i came to know that the girl is hanging out with another guy... i called her and asked her , if there is anything she would like to tell me...i asked her to tell me if she has any affair with someone and if yes its ok with me but you got to tell me for i consider you as my best friend... she lied..she said its just me she loved .. thus she proved her self a bad lover and now a bad friend too...all the things i heard about her is true for i have the solid proofs to support it... now tell me...the next time she calls me..what should i say... i have decided not to attend her calls for i decided to stop this relation for ever... how do you rate this decision???

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" "Love comes from the bottom of your heart......... and i promise you it will never end it will always start" "

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Love Poem - Dont Start

Author: Madison★★★
dont look me in the eye if you are full of
lies! dont tell me hello if you really mean
goodbye!dont ask me to the prom if thats the
time and place you will leave me soon!dont
tell me you miss me if you are really glad to ...(Cont.)