9 years ago

he says we need to settle in life and then thing abt our future for that he says i should not cal him or text him until four yrs and he also said he only loves me is that true ll he come back to me for ever coz i love him so much than any one can do

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  • 9 years ago

    Thats not a good sign of a healthy relationship. Maybe by settle in life he means be serious. If you're love is strong enough to wait for 4 years, its worth a try. but as i see it, its difficult to work out.

" She made me cry, she made me mad.. she made me a nothing, but still she made me believe that she is everything to me "

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Love Poem - What's Wrong With Us

Author: Langha Agnes★★
At times I feel like I want you,
at others I don't.
Some days I'm sure I love you,
on others I'm not so sure.
It's no question when I'm with you ...(Cont.)