Virgo - Aries Zodiac Compatibility

Know all about virgo man and aries woman zodiac compatibility. How compatible is a guy with Virgo zodiac sign and a girl with Aries sign? Love, relationship, family, work report of virgo & aries zodiac signs. All about Virgo Aries compatibility.

Nature of Relationship: It is a bad idea to tie them together.

The contradictory ideologies of Aries female and Virgo male will pave way for a not so harmonious relationship. Virgo man will not pay any heed to the advices of Aries female who wants to dominate in the relationship. A never ending saga of bitterness may crop up between the two of them.

Aries (F) – Virgo (M) Characteristic traits

A Virgo man is a perfectionist and Aries female is not. Aries female is powerful and composed. Virgo man does not care much about balance or limits but Aries female focuses more on these aspects. Aries woman cannot have a control on the freedom seeking Virgo man.

Aries (F) – Virgo (M) Sex & Marriage

It is not easy for the fiery Aries female to settle down with the down to earth Virgo male. Marital bonds may get weakened because of even trivial issues. Sex may be playful at times between the two of them.

Aries (F) – Virgo (M) Family & children

Both Aries woman and Virgo man want to handle the household responsibilities hand in hand. Both of them will be quick in restoring balance if anything falls out of place and forms a hurdle in the life of their kids.

Aries (F) – Virgo (M) Friendship

Friendship between an Aries woman and Virgo male will be very constructive. Both of them will be enlightened and will benefit from each other’s virtues. Aries woman and Virgo male will always work for the good of each other and will always respect each other’s space.

Aries (F) – Virgo (M) at Work

Virgo man will have a more realistic approach in the workplace as compared to Aries female. Aries woman may sometimes feel out of power and may lose her focus on work. But Virgo man will keep motivating her to move forward.

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