Scorpio - Leo Zodiac Compatibility

Know all about scorpio man and leo woman zodiac compatibility. How compatible is a guy with Scorpio zodiac sign and a girl with Leo sign? Love, relationship, family, work report of scorpio & leo zodiac signs. All about Scorpio Leo compatibility.

Nature of Relationship: This star sign combination shares a difficult to work out relationship.

The Scorpio man and his Leo woman are both instilled with the qualities of possessiveness, suspicion and dominance. These could lead to frequent tiffs between them. Though they are both emotionally committed to their partners, these might get overshadowed by these weaknesses sometimes.

Leo (F) - Scorpio (M) Characteristic traits

The Scorpio showers his woman with tender love, passionate romance and loyalty. He is a dream for a woman and his magnetic personality allures one and all. But his rage could be dangerous if somebody tries to ruffle with him. The Leo woman demands complete attention from her partner. She is charming and independent. Her leadership skills often make her victorious in the most difficult of times. But her temper could be of concern if her partner does not know how to pamper and appease her.

Leo (F) - Scorpio (M) Sex & Marriage

If the Leo woman decides to surrender herself in love, the Scorpio man is an expert in providing her with the best of experiences in bed. Love-making is intense and blazingly passionate for the two of them.

Leo (F) - Scorpio (M) Family & Children

The Scorpio dad is both emotional and mysterious. He is a source of reliable information for his kids. The Leo mom is warm-hearted and passionately sensitive. She displays an array of emotions with a touch of love and care for her kids.

Leo (F) - Scorpio (M) friendship

Their friendship could be a power packed association if both learn to complement each other. Both are dedicated partners and love to be admired and flattered by people around.

Leo (F) - Scorpio (M) at Work

If they realize that working together could be beneficial to both, then the Leo and the Scorpio might keep their differences aside and put in their strengths and energies towards a single goal.

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