Scorpio - Cancer Zodiac Compatibility

Know all about scorpio man and cancer woman zodiac compatibility. How compatible is a guy with Scorpio zodiac sign and a girl with Cancer sign? Love, relationship, family, work report of scorpio & cancer zodiac signs. All about Scorpio Cancer compatibility.

Nature of Relationship: This star sign combination shares an extremely good relationship.

The chemistry between Cancer female and Scorpio male is magical, strongly felt, and has the power to endure the trial of time. The cozy and caring trait of Cancer woman is safe with Scorpio, and Scorpio’s demand of an all-consuming love finds solace in Cancer woman. Both possess the similar nature of showcasing their love and make each other feel important.

Scorpio (M) - Cancer (F) Characteristic traits

A Scorpio man is invincible. He is an extremist with apparently calm and soothing surface and burning passion inside him. Below the soft disposition of Scorpio male lies his subtle schemes to enhance him financially and socially A Cancer lady is soothingly feminine. She is soft and kind with a sharp sense of humor.

Scorpio (M) - Cancer (F) Sex & Marriage

As both of them are explosive in nature and retreat into seclusion when disturbed, they should both openly talk it out to find possible solutions. Their physical intimacy is truly divine and their sexual mating rather becomes an exciting blend of eroticism and softness.

Scorpio (M) - Cancer (F) Family & Children

Their home is an abode of romance where they both place each other on spiritual pedestal to offer their devotion of love, care and loyalty throughout their lives. Parenthood is cherished by both and is a great experience for Scorpio and Cancer as they enjoy it to the highest possible extent.

Scorpio (M) - Cancer (F) Friendship

Cancer and Scorpio have lovely friendship to be cherished for the entire life. When they are friends, they are most supportive and admiring partners who would always support in all thick and thin and still will be with each other.

Scorpio (M) - Cancer (F) at Work

A commercial venture with Cancer and Scorpio together is surely a success which manifests from their analytical and business skills which they share in common.

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