Leo - Capricorn Zodiac Compatibility

Know all about leo man and capricorn woman zodiac compatibility. How compatible is a guy with Leo zodiac sign and a girl with Capricorn sign? Love, relationship, family, work report of leo & capricorn zodiac signs. All about Leo Capricorn compatibility.

Nature of Relationship: This star sign combination shares a normal relationship.

Both the Leo male and the Capricorn female are very different from each other. The Leo man has a unique sense of humor and is highly loyal and committed to his partner. The Capricorn woman is hardly outspoken. She loves being subtle though she possesses a strong sense of will-power and intellect.

Leo (M) - Capricorn (F) Characteristic traits

The Leo man is a romantic person who exudes passion and loyalty for his partner. Though he can be egoistic and adamant at times, he is usually the cynosure of all eyes and is highly admired by all for his generosity and kindness. In love, he could be very demanding. The Capricorn woman is calm and composed usually. She is a good listener and an avid learner. She is determined as far as her goals are concerned and proves to be an equally committed partner to her man.

Leo (M) - Capricorn (F) Sex & Marriage

Though their sexual oneness might be slow in the beginning, things start falling into place as trust grows between them. While the Leo has an insatiable fire of passion in him, the Capricorn woman believes in slow and sensuous process of love-making.

Leo (M) - Capricorn (F) Family and Children

The Leo dad is possessive and protective about his family and holds high expectations for his children. The Capricorn mom believes and inculcates the value of hard work and ethics in her children.

Leo (M) - Capricorn (F) Friendship

Though they are different in their traits and expressions, they grow very fond of each other with time. The Leo teaches the importance of zeal and aggressiveness to the Capricorn while she encourages the values of patience and perseverance in him.

Leo (M) - Capricorn (F) at Work

The Leo will usually have a proactive and innovative style of working whereas the Capricorn likes to take decisions with a practical bent of mind.

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