Gemini - Scorpio Zodiac Compatibility

Know all about gemini man and scorpio woman zodiac compatibility. How compatible is a guy with Gemini zodiac sign and a girl with Scorpio sign? Love, relationship, family, work report of gemini & scorpio zodiac signs. All about Gemini Scorpio compatibility.

Nature of Relationship: This star sign combination shares a normal relationship.

The Gemini man and the Scorpio lady might bond very well initially but as their relationship progresses, there might be small and big issues that might arise between the two. Both are charming and intense in their expressions of love but when reality strikes fascinations, things might be different!

Gemini (M) - Scorpio (F) Characteristic traits

The Gemini man knows the art of remaining youthful and charmingly masculine forever. This allures the Scorpio woman who exudes sensuousness herself. He does not understand the suspicious nature of the Scorpio female sometimes as for him the concepts of jealousy and passionate romance usually does not exist. The Scorpio woman is possessive in love. She can be harsh if hurt. Mystery and suspense are her natural assets. When in a relationship, she is fiercely loyal and protective about her partner.

Gemini (M) - Scorpio (F) Sex & marriage

Though they might gel well initially, sexual experiences are different priorities to each of them. For the Scorpio woman, sexual unity comes first while for the Gemini man, it is more about creative fantasies and emotional moments that are important.

Gemini (M) - Scorpio (F) family and children

The Gemini father has a strong sense of opinion and knows how to express it. He might be caught up in a battle of logic sometimes but usually has answers to all questions that the kids ask. The Scorpio mom is intensely bonded with her children and forms the emotional pillar of the family.

Gemini (M) - Scorpio (F) friendship

The sociable Gemini male and the focused Scorpio female make an interesting pair. They are admirers of each other mostly and are often seen to be friends for life.

Gemini (M) - Scorpio (F) at work

Both could form an efficient team at work that attains success at any cost. While the Gemini teaches the element of fun at work, the Scorpio emphasizes on focus and determined approach towards the goals.

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