Gemini - Sagittarius Zodiac Compatibility

Know all about gemini man and sagittarius woman zodiac compatibility. How compatible is a guy with Gemini zodiac sign and a girl with Sagittarius sign? Love, relationship, family, work report of gemini & sagittarius zodiac signs. All about Gemini Sagittarius compatibility.

Nature of Relationship: This star sign combination shares a doomed to fail relationship.

Both the Gemini male and the Sagittarius female loves their own space and freedom in life. When the two come in a relationship, it’s mostly a restless association between the two. While the Gemini man looks for emotional exchanges, the Sagittarius woman wants fun and honesty.

Gemini (M) - Sagittarius (F) Characteristic traits

The Gemini man knows how to build his own roads to success. He is intellectually inclined and his charm makes him the talk of the town. His likes and preferences change constantly and he hates settling down at one thing in life. The Sagittarius woman is an attention seeker herself and craves for her partner’s love and praise all the time. But she knows how to keep him engaged and her pleasant charm is enough to create the magic.

Gemini (M) - Sagittarius (F) Sex & Marriage

The Sagittarius woman evokes blazing passion while the Gemini man believes in slow and steady love making. If both are determined to keep the relationship stable, they may retrieve happiness from each other even though they are different.

Gemini (M) - Sagittarius (F) Family and children

The Gemini father is thoughtful and always ready to be the best playmate to his kids. He teaches them the value of good communication and rationalism in life. The Sagittarius mom is an adventure freak and encourages the children to be always curious about things around them. She is cheerful and optimistic thus giving them an apt environment to grow.

Gemini (M) - Sagittarius (F) Friendship

Their association is novel and both bond well with each other. The Gemini is indecisive most of the times whereas the Sagittarius is enthusiastic and flexible in her approach.

Gemini (M) - Sagittarius (F) at Work

This work team is usually energetic and eager to move forward to gain success. They learn from each other and use each other’s strengths to earn profits.

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