Cancer - Aries Zodiac Compatibility

Know all about cancer man and aries woman zodiac compatibility. How compatible is a guy with Cancer zodiac sign and a girl with Aries sign? Love, relationship, family, work report of cancer & aries zodiac signs. All about Cancer Aries compatibility.

Nature of Relationship: A relationship between Aries female and Cancer male will be filled with fireworks.

It is not easy to sustain such a relationship. The registering attitude of Aries female may make Cancer male a bit uneasy. Aries female will keep track of minor mistakes of Cancer male, whereas Cancer male does not believe in doing so. This may create a rift between the two of them.

Aries (F) – Cancer (M) Characteristic traits

Cancer male is very sensitive and attentive; whereas Aries female is very particular about every small happening. This will be beneficial when a difficult situation arises. But this nature of both of them may even create certain difficult situations between the two of them.

Aries (F) – Cancer (M) Sex & Marriage

It has been said that opposites attract. So, Aries female and Cancer male will be pulled towards each other emotionally as well as physically. But they may be pulled apart when the aggressive alter ego of Aries female may come on to the surface. Or the cancer male may turn cold towards the emotional turmoil of Aries female.

Aries (F) – Cancer (M) Family & children

Aries female and Cancer male are great parents. Aries female and Cancer male take immense care and interest in the household chores as well as in the upbringing of children.

Aries (F) – Cancer (M) Friendship

Friendship will be pretty fine between an Aries female and Cancer male. Aries female may look up to Cancer male for his precious guidance over emotional matters.

Aries (F) – Cancer (M) at Work

Needless to say that Aries female and Cancer male make a great pair at work and they work brilliantly together. Cancer male will try different approaches and Aries female will infuse immense energy in each of the undertakings.

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