Aquarius - Pisces Zodiac Compatibility

Know all about aquarius man and pisces woman zodiac compatibility. How compatible is a guy with Aquarius zodiac sign and a girl with Pisces sign? Love, relationship, family, work report of aquarius & pisces zodiac signs. All about Aquarius Pisces compatibility.

Nature of Relationship: This star sign combination shares a normal relationship.

It is a unique combination of star signs. The Aquarius male maintains a detached character while the Pisces girl demands emotional security from her partner. Their equation is a tricky one and might sustain if both take efforts to make it work.

Aquarius (M) - Pisces (F) Characteristic traits

The Aquarius man is a happy-go-lucky person who enjoys living and dreaming in his own space. He seems to be cut off from the world and his own internal world is his comfort lounge. He is loyal and faithful as a partner but under difficult situations might get to be even more complicated rather than finding solutions. The Pisces female is a delicate meek lady. She surrenders herself to her partner easily. She is a patient listener and trusts people very easily. For her, her man must be a strong protector of her dreams and ideas.

Aquarius (M) - Pisces (F) Sex & Marriage

Their physical intimacy increases with a progress in their emotional compatibility with each other. They both believe in soft and tender love-making that is marked by elements of dreamy eyes and divine touch.

Aquarius (M) - Pisces (F) Family & Children

An Aquarius dad is sincerely involved in the growing up of his children. He is sensitive, fun-loving and believes in giving his children their share of freedom. The Pisces mom is not a strict parent and showers her little ones with unconditional love all the time. She inculcates the taste for aesthetic and creative things in them.

Aquarius (M) - Pisces (F) Friendship

The Aquarius and the Pisces make good friends when they share their mutual visions with each other. While the Aquarius male is innovative and friendly, the Pisces female wants to remain within her own secured zone.

Aquarius (M) - Pisces (F) at Work

The Aquarius male and the Pisces female both learn to take care of their arguments and finally team up to attain success in projects of common interest. They are both dedicated hard-working people and usually benefit out of this partnership.

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