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Nature of Relationship: Taurus female and Virgo male are a perfect combination for leading a harmonious love relationship.

Gestures of Virgo male are quite expressive and Taurus female is equally receptive to these emotions. Both of them want same things in life - love, stability and plush luxuries.

Taurus (F) - Virgo (M) Characteristic traits

Virgo male is a very confident speaker as compared to other males. Taurus woman has a strong feminine appeal and so is her approach to things in life. Taurus woman will go easy and soft even on the toughest issues in life. Virgo man will try to understand every situation and he can even cope up with the situations of disagreements.

Taurus (F) - Virgo (M) Sex & Marriage

The Taurus female may feel dejected on facing failures, but Virgo man will not let her fall and support her with his energy reserves. Sex will definitely be playful when the Virgo man is in the picture.

Taurus (F) - Virgo (M) Family & children

Virgo man in addition to his kids will also pamper his better half, the Taurus female. She will just love it. The family life will be joyful with ample celebrations throughout the year.

Taurus (F) - Virgo (M) Friendship

At times the Virgo woman may get critical with her comments which will upset the Taurus male but he will recover soon. Friendship can go on if both of them learn to complement each other.

Taurus (F) - Virgo (M) at Work

Taurus female is a bit old fashioned in her approach to work, just relying on hard work. Virgo man has an extended scope of work and he not only believes but also practices smart work along with hard work. So this pair may find it difficult to sustain a good partnership at the workplace.

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