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Nature of Relationship: This star sign combination shares a normal relationship.

When Virgo male and Libra female create a bond, harmony and balance are factors that help to take things to stability. Both are quite adjusting and keen to adapt to the given situation. They respect one another’s style and generally have interesting conversations.

Virgo (M) – Libra (F) Characteristic traits

A Virgo man appreciates diligence that demands a lot of detailing. He is a headstrong perfectionist himself and he demands the same level of perfection out of everybody. A Libra lady is sweetly charming and impresses almost all with her flattery. She is highly talented with her speech. She can reject anyone and still smile in their face.

Virgo (M) – Libra (F) Sex & Marriage

With heightened acceptance, understanding and softness is introduced in the bond, both the Libra lady and the Virgo man create a relationship which is pure at all levels. They are relaxed with one another and there lies a subtle peace in their lovemaking.

Virgo (M) – Libra (F) Family & Children

Their physical intimacy intensifies and brings them closer perfectly with much more emotions and the promise of a happier life ahead. Parents and children usually witness a very stable relationship with each other. The star signs enjoy the relation shared by them.

Virgo (M) – Libra (F) Friendship

Life will be a happy journey for Libra lady and Virgo man together. They have many things to share in common and admire about each other. They make a good pair with many positives and few negatives to endure. As friends they make brilliant pair to make the most their talents.

Virgo (M) – Libra (F) at Work

They can be good business partners or colleagues. But Virgo thinks Librans are lazy and Librans thinks them as too pessimistic. But usually they do well.

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