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Nature of Relationship: The compatibility level can be said to be fair between a Virgo man and Aquarius woman.

Aquarius woman’s innovative ideas will impress the Virgo man to quite an extent. But when the Aquarius woman wants to stay alone and enjoy personal space, then this may breach the confidence of Virgo man in Aquarius woman and hamper the relationship.

Virgo (M) – Aquarius (F) Characteristic traits

Aquarius woman is unconventional in nature. However the Virgo man is very systematic in his approach. Aquarius woman will spend a lot of time with people, however Virgo man has the philosophy of saving time for personal activities.

Virgo (M) – Aquarius (F) Sex & Marriage

Aquarius woman is surely going to lit up the fire when it comes to sex. However marriage is not much different than the other relationships in Aquarius woman’s life. Virgo male however finds marriage to be much above other relations in the world. This difference in ideologies may cause slight bitterness in the marriage.

Virgo (M) – Aquarius (F) Family & children

Virgo man and Aquarius woman will inculcate precious moral value in the kids, apart from imparting them with valuable education. Family life will move on smoothly without many issues.

Virgo (M) – Aquarius (F) Friendship

Virgo man is always able to charm the opposite sex with his presence of mind. The conversation tactics of Aquarius female are equally attractive. This forms a good base for friendship between Virgo man and Aquarius woman.

Virgo (M) – Aquarius (F) at Work

Aquarius female’s humanitarian approach will be of great help when it comes to public dealing. Virgo man is immensely logical and can easily knock out the mean people on the basis of intuitive abilities. A fair and successful trade can be carried off by close co-ordination of Virgo man and Aquarius woman.

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