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Nature of Relationship: This combination is a big no.

Taurus and Aquarius are two totally different personalities with a contradictory mindset. So a relationship between the two of them is bound to go through rough patches most of the time.

Taurus (M) - Aquarius (F) Characteristic traits

Taurus man is traditional and conservative with a fixed frame of mind. However Aquarius female is an adventure loving being. Taurus is an earthy sign and such is a Taurus man who wants to be bounded to home always. Aquarius is an air sign and such is an Aquarius female who wants to go out just as a free bird.

Taurus (M) – Aquarius (F) Sex & Marriage

The romantic union between Taurus man and Aquarius female may seem to be very tempting. But it is not going to work out well. The carnal pleasures may be enjoyable.

Taurus (M) – Aquarius (F) Family & children

Both Taurus man and Aquarius female are fond of kids and make great parents. Taurus man imbibes the kids with a sense of responsibility whereas an Aquarius woman helps them to be lively and courageous.

Taurus (M) – Aquarius (F) Friendship

Taurus man enjoys the carefree nature of an Aquarius female. So the company of an Aquarius female always amuses the Taurus man. Aquarius female cherishes the respectful nature of Taurus man.

Taurus (M) – Aquarius (F) at Work

Taurus man is one of the most assiduous creatures on this earth. Any task which comes in the way of Taurus man is bound to get successful. However, if the business suffers at times then the Taurus man may feel weighed down. At this instant, there is a need to inject some levity into the grim situation. This is where the Aquarius female will pitch in very well and can easily relieve the Taurus man of the work pressure.

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