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Nature of Relationship: This star sign combination shares a good relationship.

The Cancer man is an intelligent and determined individual who uses his superiority with caution. He provides security to his woman that is beyond expectation. The Virgo woman is sensible and pragmatic and believes in critical thinking. Both are attracted to each other’s qualities and often result in a nurturing and stable association for a lifetime.

Cancer (M) - Virgo (F) Characteristic traits

The Cancer Man is expressive and has a sophisticated sense of humor that keeps the Virgo woman engaged. His leadership qualities and sense of fierce protection adds in to the charm that he exudes. The Virgo woman is admired for her cleverness and analytical perspective of things. She shoulders responsibilities with ease and manages the mood swings of her Cancer man with calmness and stability.

Cancer (M) - Virgo (F) Sex & Marriage

His masculine yet gentle approach to attainment of sexual integrity with her evokes the sensual side of the Virgo woman. They also share a close emotional association with each other which often becomes the primary bond between them.

Cancer (M) - Virgo (F) Family & Children

The Cancer dad is an adorable and doting father. He teaches his children the sense of discipline and brings out the best in them. The Virgo mom is level-headed and organized. She is the best adviser to her children.

Cancer (M) - Virgo (F) Friendship

The Cancer’s immense strength and the Virgo’s flexibility make the friendship a strong bond that only betters with time. Both are loyal and committed towards each other.

Cancer (M) - Virgo (F) at Work

Both have similar preferences in life. They make a commendable work team that is strong in its qualities of steadiness and security and loves comfort and luxury with equal pride. Since they are both practical in their approach, they seldom let things go out of their hands. This makes the Cancer-Virgo an ideal pair to attain success.

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