Zodiac Compatibility

Nature of Relationship: Powerful yet not impactful will be the nature of relationship between the two.

Warmth will be there in a relationship between an Aries male and a Leo female but the scenario may get too steamy. The clashes may get heightened any time and this may burn out the warm feelings.

Aries (M) – Leo (F) Characteristic traits

Aries male is energetic and so is Leo female. Both Aries male and Leo female are egoistic and if this is not checked then they may find every conversation with each other as a torture. The Leo female will have ample reverence for her companion and Aries male is always ready to extend a helping hand to his better half.

Aries (M) – Leo (F) Sex & Marriage

Sex can be a harmonious affair for Aries male and Leo female. However Aries male and Leo female cannot remain united by the bond of marriage.

Aries (M) – Leo (F) Family & children

The high energy levels possessed by both the Aries male and Leo female can tear apart the family. The egos may be massaged so badly with petty quarrels that staying under the same roof will not be possible. Children will get a great guidance from an Aries father and a Leo mother.

Aries (M) – Leo (F) Friendship

Friendship is very dear to both Aries man and Leo woman. The two of them will always make suitable efforts to preserve the friendship which they share.

Aries (M) – Leo (F) at Work

There is a powerful reservoir of energy between Aries male and Leo female which cannot be matched by any other zodiac combination. Dominating, ruling or conquering all arenas of workplace is a two-minute job for a team of Aries male and Leo female.

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