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Poem by : Labastida R.K
Submitted on : May 11, 2013
I've been through a lot of battles and wars

just to look at the moon and reach for the stars

bleeding dreams and will of scars

longing for a destination I see from a far

as I weep after a long and tragic battle

I didn't merge victorious because she was obtained by another

a fellow traveler and warrior of strength

how can I match talents purely from Gods, I think it didn't matter

I was wrong to think that bliss is enough for an offer

that gifts are no longer able to satisfy a maiden's hunger

I lost the battle where I and the maiden can no longer go farther

my unshielded armor is broken and turns only to litter.

~Labastida R.K

Unshielded was submitted by Labastida R.K On May 11, 2013

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