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The Orient Pearl

Poem by : Labastida R.K
Submitted on : May 28, 2013
A sunny day and it was breezy
soaked eyes and still a little dizzy
from a storm that lasted for a week
now having foot prints on the sand forgetting I was once weak

I was at the shore, wearing goggles and a vest
feeling protected from sudden anxiety of an orient pearl's test
if i should pursue it even if there a risks on the way
or just stay calm and just look away

so i did what was best and good for me
i looked away and smiled because the decision made me happy
here i concluded the true nature of a pearl of the orient
it's not always a chance but it's a choice to be happy and be contented.

~Labastida R.K

The Orient Pearl was submitted by Labastida R.K On May 28, 2013

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