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The End

Poem by : Mae
Submitted on : Oct 15, 2015
I Don’t Want To Make You Cry
But I can’t, Face it, This time.
You need to understand.

I’m all doom and gloom now,
But I could be happy soon now,
If what I have to say can be told,
I’ve got to gather my wits
'Cause It’s time to be bold

I’ve tried and I’ve cried,
And I’m out of time.
I love you but enough is enough,
I can’t carry on.

I’m not a quitter,
But I can’t go any further.

I break it to you,
Expecting nonchalance,
But the look on your face -
It tells me enough.

Tears leaving tracks through the grime,
Broken sobs, unable to be stifled.

I never thought that I would see you this way,
I never thought that you would admit to be wrong,
I never thought I would see you like this,
I never thought you could be defeated.
I guess you were, kinda my superman.

Always there when I needed you,
Invincible and unable to be hurt.
Now I can see that you’re only a boy.
But you’ll always be my hero.


The End was submitted by Mae On Oct 15, 2015

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