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Falling For You

Poem by : Landsley Alexandre
Submitted on : Dec 14, 2009
Like the alcoholic I was intoxicated
And I fell for you
My love for you compare to ecstasy was way stronger
And I fell for you
I took a sip of hard liquor and graduated to a drug formidable
And I fell for you
Like an earthquake you shook my whole world
And I fell for you
On top I was, but you brought me back on solid ground
And I fell for you
Iron was my heart made of but magnetic you were
And I fell for you
I flew like an airplane up in the sky and crash in the Atlantic Ocean
And there I also fell because of you
But when you fell off the Mount Everest
I caught you and now I am falling with you.

~Landsley Alexandre

Falling For You was submitted by Landsley Alexandre On Dec 14, 2009

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