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Give below is a Romantic love letter titled YOU.


I had loved you ever since I had seen those big black eyes of yours.I never realized it till you rejected me although.I loved you and I still do.I may try to ignore you but you should know when you call me, I'll come running as if nothing hapenned.But its true,nothing happened.....I could run away from you but still I could not leave you behind.I love you not because you are you,i love you because you are the missing half of me,something I see daily in the mirror.....I love the guy who you see in the mirror everyday.I may not be able to tell you how much you mean to me,but I would let the world know so that the understand that if they mess with you,they'll end up as nothing,because you are my everything.Please come back to me,I can move away from you but I can't move on from you,I need My half you are holding so captivated,so enchanted.I need YOU,only YOU.Because you need to understand and remember I LOVE YOU more than anything I have ever loved in my life.........

Submitted By : Aurora
Date : Mar 2, 2014
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