will we make it through this hard time?

9 years ago

We feel like we are in love. But he cheated and lied to me and played with my head.I feel like i am in love and am willing to forgive him because he seems very sincere about not hurting me and not wanting to lose me.

  • Jaz
    9 years ago

    He probably doesn't wan to lose you only because your the closest thing he has to a gf yeah he cheated but that doesnt mean anything and if he lied there might be a reason if not then ask him why he lied to you and he doesn't want to hurt you but maybe he's been hurt to many times for him not to know how to hurt mabye he loves you but you also have to consider the possibility he doesn't love you I don't know if this will help but yea

  • 9 years ago

    Now here comes the difficult part and probably the most talked about topic when it comes to drama in relationships or people who have been cheated on, since I used to be married for twenty one years and five children, for the first time in my life my ex-wife cheated on me then left me for another man, and took our five children with her. Like ever relationship each of us can easily blame the other or ask ourselves what did we do or not do to save this relationship. should I for give the answer is yes but it doesn't mean you have to except the habit, But it does mean you have to love yourself to keep him or love him with enough courage to let him go. the point is no one can stop cheating unless they choose to.