Stuck in the middle

12 years ago

I have been seeing this guy that i had a huge crush on back in middle school and well lets just say he didn't pay much attention to me back then. I eventually moved on from him even though it wasn't easy, five years later who would've known he'd be back in my life and now he claims to like me and we started out as good friends and when the time came he asked me to be his gf and i accepted i was so happy in the beginning and yeah even though i know that in the beginning of most relationships everything seems to be perfect its when time passes that you realize whether or not you want to be with that person. The big issue here was with his ex who also happens to be his best friend, she just can't seem to let him go. She was practically his first love and everything i understand when it comes to girls that if you have a first love and you lost your v-card to that person and everything its very difficult to move on especially if they're still good friends/ best friends and practically hang out almost everyday. They practically have so much history together and well most of the time i felt like i was the other girl, i didn't like it at all and still to this day i don't i really love this guy but he clearly still hasn't fixed things with his ex and he claims to love me and wants to be with me but i just can't stand being the other girl anymore. He really needs to make up his mind on what he wants, i have not talked to him ever since we got in an argument recently about what i found in his i-pod. There were pictures of her in there and some said that they love each other and so on. I was furious and i told him that I've about had it with all of it, he really needs to straighten things out with her and she needs to learn to respect his decisions she hasn't done this at all and she's been doing so many things that have jeopardized what me and him have. She's gotten away with so much crap that i just can't imagine why he still lets it slide like if its nothing.. It seems like she's been pretty much manipulated the guy for a long time and he's grown so used to it that she can pretty much get away with anything and since he feels bad about it he doesn't know what to do or neither of them its just stupid at some point.. They both REALLY need to grow up. I've made it clear to him that if he can't make up his mind of what he wants, there's really no point of me sticking around anymore. You can't force anyone to love you or be with you if they don't want to period!. i've been through so much crap in my life when it came to relationships i've somewhat matured from it but i feel that he still hasn't matured at all. He needs to quit playing games and set his heart straight in the end i told him that i will respect his decision no matter what it is. Lets face it when it comes to love its gonna hurt, love isn't an easy thing at all. But i'm going to live my life with or without him i've done too much and its just useless if he doesn't want to cooperate or decide on what he truly wants there is no point for me stick around. Its his turn to really think things through and decide on what is right for him. Have i done the right thing?