Different Belief

11 years ago

I know he's my sould mate. I just know it because all the universe signs tell me it is. We are much likely together and similar but different in type and religion. I feel like we have something that binds us so strong at the same point it pulls us apart with biggest and fundamental based which is not the same. How could I handle this and how to keep my faith that someday we'll be together for happily ever after? but just not today. Cause I want him in my life . I never want anyone else this much and I never have much faith in love like what I'm doing now even we're not together for some reasons anymore but we live together in partnership and something more professionally bonding.

  • 11 years ago

    i really don't know. hehe. parpehs when both of you feel the same for each other and both are willing to work things out? it's not as if only one will be dancing all throughout the music...ayan tuloy, bumabalik ako sa dati kong tanong if love is a choice or not. hehe