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  • The Words 'iLoveYou' Are Not To Say From Your Mouth To Your Beloved One ; Its A Feeling That Whispers Heart-To-Heart Without Saying A Word

  • We All Die. The Goal In Life Isn't To Live Forever. Its To Create A Love So Powerful That It Will

  • Love Is Everything, Everything i Understand, i Understand Because i Love.

  • Love is like a ghost. You see it out of the corner of your eye but when you try to embrace it, it vanishes. but it will come back to haunt you.

    Mahesh Vasala
  • love is like math. Add your heart, subtract the hate, and add the love <3

  • When you're in love, a small handshake also feels like a kiss which u never wanna end. ♥

  • "Love can make you do some Crazy things... but what's really crazy is not being held in your arms...."

  • Do not wait to hear i love you from your loved ones, instead go ahead and propose your love, beacuse its not every day you get your loved ones.

    Rajesh Kumar
  • i know here isn't anything perfect in this world

    but beleive me when you are with me i feel i'm perfect

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