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You Told me That You Will Stay..!!

Submitted on : Feb 5, 2013
Why, Why did you lied,
Why did you lied that you will stay with me forever,
Why Did you said that you will Leave me never,
You Promised me Anywhere to Go You will Be with me,
You Told me we were branches of the same tree,
You Said me that You will never Leave me Alone,
You Lied, YOu LIed, Where your Promises Gone,
You Said You We Were a Single Soul,
Two Fishes That Live in a Single Bowl,
You Lied You Lied, where Your Promises Went,
You Always Wanted to be with me now your promises bent,
I Want My Answers You Cant Go Like This,
Why You Saved my Life and Left me Like this,
You Lier You cheat, You know I Cant LIve Without you,
Where I Will Go, My World Seems So New,
Please Come Back Honey or I am Coming,
To Take My answers, why you think you are cunning,
You Saved me and yourself Gone,
But Never thought That i will be Alone,
What did you thought my Life of may,
Why Did,
Why did you said That you will stay..!!

~GãGãñ Kapoor

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