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unconditional love..

User : Lipsa
Submitted on : Apr 20, 2011
I had once sketched my dream-boy in mind,
From that day I'm in love with him,
Knowing that he definitely existed in this earth,
I was day n night searching for him..

Praying to God,I waited for him,
Thinking when he comes,I would spend my life with him,
But I was very much unaware of God's cruelty,
He announced,I can only spend a few weeks with him..

That heart slowed its beating,
my mind slowed its working,
my breathe became sufffocating,
And I was pulled back from my dreamland,and became again a real earthly being..

But that very moment I consoled myself,
If Fate has written my such future,
Then I don't have the power to alter it,
I can only love him forever n ever...

The next day,my love towards him changed its aim,
New aspirations,new goals,new desires filled it,
Now,my only wish to make him happy,
To make him smile,that his heart can feel it...

Almost two years have passed from that day,
Now when i look back,I feel contended,
I have somehow reached the aim that I desired for,
I guess the happiness that he felt now and not pretended..

Now perhaps the time is coming for us to separate,
I know for my guts can easily calculate,
Neither I blame him,nor my God,
For it is my Fate,that only did manipulate...

Without having a proof to prove my love,
I can still say that I LOVE HIM THE MOST,
Neither the obstacles in the past had ended this,
Nor the distance in future can do it.............................................................


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