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True Love

User : Alon Dy
Submitted on : Oct 29, 2012
You are a song that plays my mind night and day.
My mind is melting into the marvels of you
'Cause my love sinks its teeth into the flesh of you
With each passing day.

Each moment I plant with you
Countless emotions blossom in my heart
Every time I see diamond smiles
I laugh with tears in my eyes.

Sometimes, I'm a tornado of emotions.
Can't read this love anymore.
Why I have to hide it for so long?
Can I make this a beautiful song?

My love for you is
The sunrise that colors velvet sky,
The fountain that shimmers pearly blue,
And the sun that beats down on me.

Now I cover my eyes with tears,
As I tunnel through the days without fears.
In my heart there is joy
That weeps incessantly.

~Alon Calinao Dy

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