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To My Dream Girl

Submitted on : Nov 25, 2010
When first I met you in my dream that day,
I'd never felt so comfortable before.
And when you looked into my eyes that way,
I knew you were the one I've waited for.

And now, by chance (or fate!), that dream is true,
Your arms wrapped 'round me lovingly, I melt!
There's no place better; I'm obsessed with you.
At no time past have I these feelings felt.

You're perfect! So fantastically so. Bet-
-ter than my dreaming mind could've conjured up!
So not control your inhibitions let.
Come here! Let's not this night be squandered, love!

Now hold me close my dear. I want to feel you!
And every inch of you attention give.
For there's no other in this world with whom
I'd rather share my love. Come make me live!

~Ryan Sawyer

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