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This Is What I get

Submitted on : Mar 1, 2013
I knew it was gonna be hard
To get your attention
I asked, "was it worth the time"?
Because me you never mentioned
I just couldn't help
My reactions to you
My heart was so heavy
These reactions were new
And now I'm all lonely
Because you've gone away
Still write about you in my diary
about everything that happened that day
Did I do something wrong?
Was it my fault or yours?
What could we have done
To keep away all the hurt
My heart is half empty
and not half full
Without you there is no excitement
I am bland
I am dull
This is what I get
for making you all of me
I wouldn't trade it for the world though
Because at that time...
You were beside me
And nothing else mattered
But now that your gone
Where's my Happily Ever After?


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