Love Poem by Tiara Davenport

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Love of My Life

Submitted on : Oct 15, 2010
Could't be more perfect if i made you myself.
Couldn't be more worth it if you smiled at every word i said.
I would be so lonely if i didn't have you by my side.
If I did't have you from life i would run and hide.
when i walk in to a room
i'm kindda quite and shy
and if someone was to ask me
i know i couldn't tell them why
but your my everything
my hope my joy my life
if they took you from me i would be a blade less knife
in darkness your my light
you make the wrong feel right
you make life worth the fight
we fuss because we care
and when i need you your always there
the feeling of lossing you is one i cant bare
me having the only you makes life so un fair
but jus call me selfish because
i refuse to share

~Tiara Davenport

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