Love Poem by Lital Sarphati

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love is like hell

Submitted on : Oct 17, 2009
why does love hurt me so much
you don't know I'm loging to your touch

knowing that you will never be mine
that hurts me time by time

many hearts are broken because of you
and you don't seem to realise what you do

it are your friends who make you who you are
tonight are you chilling with them at the bar

and I'm sitting here thinking in the light
about how many girls wil be your toys tonight

I want to smash myself to the wall
because you don't care at all

I'm getting lost in you eyes
but the tings you say are nothing but lies

there will probably never a 'we'
cause we are not meant to be

I just know not that long
but it is anough to know that my love is strong

knowing that it's better for me to let you go
doesn't make anythingh better though

hearing you say that you don't love will break me apart
like you should a arow in my heart

so I'm forbiding myself to love you
so that you won't be able to break another heart like you always do....

~Lital Sarphati

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