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Love At First Sight

User : Lorena
Submitted on : May 17, 2009
With the stars shining in your eyes,
With the moonlight's that veils you body in ethernal form.

Who are you? And why are youi here? My heart beats faster with each step you take, My breathe shudders, and sweat buds form, as i see your beautiful gliding up to me.

Ithink i might faint as you hand me a card, And your fingertips gaze over mine

What is this? i whisper

You look at me with Love-Filled eyes that i know are a feflection of mine,

i open this card and hwat do i see,
Around red heart with our names entwined

Tears form in my eyes as you take step closer,

you take hold of my hands, With the moon's light as a spotlight,with stars shining overhead.

you smile and whisper "I Love You"

These are three simple words and yet hold so many meanings when spoken by you.

iwhisper and hold so much meaning when i whisper "I Love You As Well."


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